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The enormous blackberries

Elinor Otterly loves exploring, and living in a small house with a big family means that she's sometimes rather glad to get outside! While having quadruplet baby siblings and her brother, Elliot, can be fun, it's nice to go and play with her friends and enjoy the outdoors.

Elinor gets to the meadow first, with Saffron Furbanks. They've invited some of their friends to join them, and pick blackberries to take home and make into yummy pies and jams. "I can't see any yet," says Saffron. "Hey! Polly, Lola and Maia are here. I'm sure they'll have spotted a good patch."

Polly Robinson, Lola Lopez and Maia Nutt are excited to join the expedition. They've all brought various baskets and containers from home to keep the fruit safe. "Hi!" calls Maia, "Seen any berries, yet?"

"Not yet," replies Elinor. "I'm sure there's time,"

"Sorry! My basket's heavy!" shouts Macie Sweetbriar, who hurr…

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