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Grandparents are the best!

Joanne, Bailey, Baxter, Eli and Ali are extremely lucky. Not only do they travel and live in a beautiful windmill, but they have four wonderful grandparents to share!

Each one of the kids has a special bond with one of their grandparents, but they are all loved equally.

Grandmother Julia is excellent when it comes to the babies, twins Baxter and Bailey. She can quieten them down much quicker than anyone else can, and loves children. The twins especially like her cuddles at night when they are falling to sleep.

Grandma Elizabeth tells the best stories. She likes to take Joanne on a long walk and tells her the most wonderful tales. They are wonderful because some bits are real and some aren't, so it all feels like magic!

Grandad Henry adores nature, and his special little ladybug, Eli. He is always popping her into her pushchair and they can spend hours together in the meadows and fields of Foxbridge looking at everything from the bark on the trees to the bugs in the grass.


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